The Argonaut

The Argonaut is not a particular person, it’s the curiosity we all carry within ourselves. Its power and excitement comes from its openness to the unexpected, to discovering our fellow human beings. You, traveler, are the Argonaut. You are at center stage; ready to make the most of the experience and the excitement of discovery.

The first Argonaut was Jason (Iásonas in Greek). The crew of his ship, the Argo, were the most elite sailors of mythical Greece. In a quest to find the Golden Fleece, they navigated beyond their familiar Aegean Sea and crossed the Strait of the Dardanelles. This brought them to the Black Sea, which the Greeks called (not without a certain irony) Eúxinos Póntos, or “the Hospitable Sea”. The Argonauts continued along what is today the north coast of Turkey. Finally, they reached present-day Georgia, called Colchis at the time.
The Argo was a magical, oaken ship whose maiden journey was accompanied by the chanting of Orpheus playing his lyre.

Imagination is the beginning of every journey. So when does a trip begin? It starts when we began to imagine what shape the trip will take, what route we will follow. It starts when we decide if we’ll go alone or with companions. Orpheus chants to us. Of its own accord, his music has the power to infuse our soul with anticipation of the upcoming travels. Each time you reach a new destination, you’re encountering an unknown dimension. And even a place you’ve been to before can captivate you with a host of new experiences.