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Signature Tours for passionate travelers.

Are you looking for an exceptional experience? We are a team of licensed guides and travel lovers. We do our utmost to provide you with a unique perspective on your newest destination , including its culture and history. Each of us is connected to her job through her own interests and personality. Our aim is to support you in every way possible by taking into account your needs and expectations. Above all, we want to make sure you get the tools that enable a deeper experience.

Montserrat Cardona guide and CEO of argonautbarcelona.com and argonautaviatges.com
Montserrat Cardona founder of the Argonauts

My name is Montserrat Cardona. I was born in the Old Town of Barcelona. My main interests are architecture and anthropology. I’ve worked in many countries (always in the tourist sector) and became a licensed guide in 2003. I believe the historical center of a city is the key to understanding that city’s origins and transformation throughout the centuries. It is the beating heart of its citizens. On our walking tours we will gain insights into the places I love.

I’m also passionate about our architect Gaudí and his achievements. Not stopping at the extraordinary surface aesthetics of his buildings, I would also like to show you the incredible structure that supports Casa Milà or the Sagrada Familia. I’m fluent in English, French, Italian and Greek, and native in Catalan and Spanish.

Now, what I most enjoy is sharing my favorite places with you, the passionate traveler. Argonauts are travelers who care about values and sustainability, about the meaning and the experience of traveling. I create both this site and a Facebook group for anybody wishing to share their experiences, in any language. We look forward to reading to your contribution.

Signature tours for passionate travelers.

Susana Solé guide at argonautbarcelona.com
Susanna Solé

My name is Susana Solé, I was born in Barcelona , and even though I’ve lived in other wonderful places such in Italy and Israel, I must admit that my heart will always remain in Barcelona: my city and the city of my ancestors. I guide tours in English, French, Italian, and Hebrew, as well as in my native languages Catalan and Spanish. I’ve been working as a licensed guide Catalan tour guide since 2002, mainly in Barcelona and Girona, specialized in Jewish heritage. I have also collaborated with Red de Juderías-Caminos de Sefarad, an organization that promotes the preservation of and familiarity with Jewish heritage in Spain. In addition, I am also a member of the Spanish Hebraist Association, participating in congresses, forums and constantly updating my knowledge about the Jewish past in Spain and the spread of Jewish communities through Europe after the expulsion in 1492.

Signature Tours for passionate travelers.

Susanna Mendoza guide at argonautbarcelona.com
Susanna Mendoza

My name is Susana Mendoza. Have you ever met a soprano-guide? A licensed tourist guide with other skills you won’t ever have found together before!.

My enthusiasm for guiding started when friends and relatives came to visit Barcelona. It would be my pleasure to share that enthusiasm with you. Come and discover the city with me. I combine hospitality, local personality and expert guiding services. You can even enjoy a selection of an aria in one of the many breathtaking spots we’ll be visiting!

I’m keen on sharing knowledge and tips about the city. My goal is to help my guests meet the local culture and authentic Barcelona way of life, through sightseeing, culture, food and local traditions. Native in Catalan and Spanish, I work fluently in English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Signature Tours for passionate travelers.

Tate Cabré

My name is Tate Cabré, a writer and a tour guide. I love the idea of the Argonaut-guides, each one of us providing a different skill to make your voyage unique.

I have been working as a full-time journalist for most of my life, only starting to combine writing with tour guiding five years ago. My field is the 20th century heritage, specially Gaudí, Catalan Modernism (Art Nouveau), Art Deco, Colonial style, and funerary art. I have also written many guidebooks on these topics, most of them translated into English. Feel free to look me up on the internet!

In our tours we will get a glimpse into the lifeblood of the city while reading the stories written on its stones. You will taste the delicious street food of Barcelona blended with the flavour of history.

I’m native in Catalan and Spanish, and I work fluently in EnglishFrench, and Italian.